Crafting Everyday while Sheltering at Home

Crafting Everyday while Sheltering at Home

Sheltering at Home

I use this term instead of ‘lockdown’ as it’s much less jarring, it’s the term suggested by Sara Douglass the CEO of Stampin’ Up! and I prefer it. This really is the strangest of times, hiding inside to stay safe from an invisible threat and wondering how and when things will get back to ‘normal’.


We were meant to be away this month on a long planned trip to the South Island in our caravan. We left on Saturday 21st March but only 3 hours into the trip we received the news that the country had gone to Level 2. Limiting non-essential travel was one of the criteria. So we decided to travel on to Taupo where we planned to stay in one place until Thursday before heading home. Sadly even that was cut short when we went to Level 3 on Monday, as soon as we heard that news we packed up and drove home.

Then we had 1 day to prepare, clean the caravan and get supplies, including building materials (more on that soon), it was a madly busy day. Then I spent the first couple of days in shock at how fast it happened and getting my head around the rules. Since the sheltering at home Level 4 began I have been out for groceries for my home and for my parents and a few walks around the block.

Kitchen Renovation

Brendan took the rest of the week off and started our kitchen renovation. He’s taking down a wall, leveling the floor and getting ready to take delivery of our new kitchen as soon as we are able to.

We hit a snag on reno day 2, the wall we want to take down is not load bearing but it is a bracing wall which we didn’t know until the gib that was coming down was braceline gib, oops! Lots of research and tech speak later we have had an engineer calculate if we can add bracing to another wall to replace what is lost from the removed wall. Luckily they have a solution for us but of course we need more materials and we have to apply for a consent from the council. But we’re happy that we can still do the kitchen the way we planned, the added expense will be worth it.

Kitchen before


Kitchen now

So while Brendan is working from home during the week the kitchen is a bit of a disaster zone. He’ll do some more over the long weekend, removing the rest of the wall on the right, doing some more wiring on the left ready for the electrician and replacing the ceiling. So more dust and mess to come, yay.

Crafting Everyday

I am enjoying the extra time I have to craft and that has been amazing over the last week. I’ve made so many cards all with the intention of sending them as Happy Mail to friends and family. Then I discovered that we’re not supposed to be sending mail unless it’s essential. So I have emailed each recipient with a photo of their card to let them know I’ve been thinking of them and I’ll post them once we’re allowed to do so. Here’s a peek at some of what I’ve made.

Crafting Everyday while Sheltering at Home

These cards were cased from Jackie Noble, Kayla Renee, Jacque Williams and Charlet Mallett

Crafting Everyday while Sheltering at Home

These cards were cased from Patty Bennett, Mikaela Titheridge, Kayla Renee and Libby Fens

Casing 100% is great for when I need to make lots of cards in a short space of time. I wanted them to all be different so the recipients can share the ideas with each other as many of them attend my classes. I have however made a couple of my own designs as well during the last week, taking a fold idea for one and a background idea for the other from other peoples work. It’s lovely to have the time to create and really helps to fill in the days for me.

My next project is some class prep for when we can gather together again. Hopefully it will be soon. I have what was my April class all ready to go so I’ll work on May and June next.

I’ve been toying with the idea of video. I’ve had a couple of plays with this but never very seriously. Is this something that you would enjoy? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, stay safe xx

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